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TMMi® Professional

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To provide an understanding of the context  of Test Improvement, the phases entailed in implementing TMMi, and undertaking TMMi assessments using the TMMi model.


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Who Will Benefit

This 3-day course is most appropriate for anyone wanting to understand and use the TMMi model. This includes test process improvers, test consultants, business stakeholders, test managers, and members of a Test Process Group.


There are no formal prerequisites for attending the course and exam, although we feel that delegates may benefit from already holding the ISTQB/BCS Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate.

Skills Gained

Once the training is completed a TMMi Professional should be able to perform each of the following tasks:

  • Explain to management the business importance of test process improvement.
  • Guide and advise an organization or project when using the TMMi model as a basis for their test process improvement.
  • Providing support in the interpretation and understanding of the TMMi model, including the relationship between TMMi and CMMI.
  • Act as a co-assessor in informal TMMi assessments.
  • Participate in programs for improving the test process within an organization or project and can identify critical success factors.

Course Content

The course follows the structure set out in the TMMi Professional Syllabus.

Context of Test Improvement

Understand the typical business reasons for test improvement, the different aspects of testing that can be improved, and to be able to summarize typical costs and benefits of the TMMi.

Introduction to the TMMi Model

To be able to summarise the sources of the TMMi model, including the CMMI model, and understand the evolution of the testing process. This includes understanding the aspects of the CMMI model with testing-specific relevance.

TMMi Maturity Levels

To be able to summarize and explain the TMMI maturity levels, and to be able to summarise the process areas for each maturity level.

Structure of the TMMi

To be able to summarize the components of the TMMi model, including understanding the difference between required, expected and informative components. To understand the two levels of institutionalization related to generic goals; to recognize the generic practices for these generic goals; and the support of CMMI process areas and generic practices for TMMi.

TMMi model

To be able to summarize the process areas for TMMi maturity levels 2-5, and to recognize their respective specific practices.

TMMi Assessments

To understand the role of assessments within the overall improvement process; the difference between informal assessments and formal assessment; and the generic assessment process.

Implementing TMMi

To summarize the activities in the IDEAL improvement framework; recognize the critical success factors for test process improvement; and understand the risks of not considering critical success factors.


This course provides the delegate with the necessary knowledge to take the 1-hour multiple choice TMMi Professional exam. Course participants can take the examination through Pearson Vue after the course.

Some information adapted from the TMMi Foundation website and the TMMi Professional Syllabus v1.1 (copyright © TMMi Foundation, Ireland).

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