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Testing at 1000 MPH

On 2nd July 2014 Andy Green gave a brilliant keynote presentation at the World Congress for Software Quality entitled “Testing Quality at 1,000 MPH?”

He will drive Bloodhound SSC, as he did ThrustSSC which on 16th August 2014 became the holder of the longest standing FIA World Land Speed Record.

The Bloodhound SSC website has a large quantity of content explaining the project and its progress. The YouTube links in this article are to two of the videos which Bloodhound SSC has uploaded.

Best Practice, Good Practice and The Devil's Triangle

It’s better to talk about ‘good practice’ rather than ‘best practice’ as the appropriate software testing approach is so dependent on organisational and project context. When determining an appropriate test approach we need a good understanding of the frequently conflicting priorities between product quality and the project constraints relating to timescale and budget.

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