Effective test approaches, efficient tool support, testing certification


Knowledge, Skills and Certification

Certification path for example job roles

ISTQB®, iSQI® and TMMi® certification schemes examine software testing knowledge and skills via clearly defined learning objectives set out in their syllabi.

Whilst I agree with some of the points made in the Professional Tester’s Manifesto (which used to be published at professionaltestermanifesto.org), I disagree with the final clause about certification in the opening statement (my italics):

standards compliance is no substitute for knowledge and skills, and that possessing a certificate demonstrates neither."

Best Practice, Good Practice and The Devil's Triangle

It’s better to talk about ‘good practice’ rather than ‘best practice’ as the appropriate software testing approach is so dependent on organisational and project context. When determining an appropriate test approach we need a good understanding of the frequently conflicting priorities between product quality and the project constraints relating to timescale and budget.

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