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Early testing

Are defects always more expensive to fix later on in software development and maintenance?

I was very amused by Mark Debono’s diagram ‘A bug goes skateboarding on Boehm’s Curve’ posted on LinkedIn’s ‘EuroSTAR Software Testing Community’ group in May 2014. However I don’t agree with the statement “bugs are always more expensive to fix later on in the process” (my italics): www.linkedin.com/groups/bug-goes-skateboarding-on-Boehms.

For those of you who don’t belong to LinkedIn, or that particular community, my view is:

Testing Catch-22s

Tips for Test Managers

Projects invariably have to deliver within severe timescale and cost constraints. This often leads to testers feeling that they have been set an impossible task. Test Managers face the challenge of organising testing so that testers have achievable tasks which can be measured and controlled effectively.

There are many Catch-22s for testers that need to be resolved as part of delivering effective and efficient software testing.

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